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French know-how committed to energy transition


bluebus was founded in 2007 in Ergué-Gabéric (Brittany) and relies on the strength of a group dedicated to innovation: the Bolloré Group.

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in the design and operation of clean and silent public transport solutions, the company is currently one of the leading manufacturers of 100% electric buses in France.

bluebus provides you with solutions for urban and suburban areas, allowing you to reconsider urban mobility and meet the challenge of the energy transition.

Choosing a bluebus vehicle means opting for a French vehicle combining high technology, performance, design, and respect for the environment.

Thanks to our customers trust, more than 400 of our buses are currently running worldwide!

Conscious of our impact and to provide high quality to our customers, our 6 m and 12m vehicles, as well as the LMP® all-solid batteries equipping them, are produced in Brittany on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified sites and are labelled Origine France Garantie.

bluebus deploys a quality approach to promise its customers a guarantee and manufacturing quality, while limiting CO2 emissions linked to transportation.

bluebus is also a team listening to the customers' needs, supporting them throughout their project and with a network of highly qualified after-sales service partners, responding with professionalism to our customers' needs.

bluebus employs more than 220 people in France, as well as more than 2000 indirect jobs.



Founded in 1822, the Bolloré Group is one of the 500 largest companies in the world. Listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, the majority interest of the Group’s stock is always controlled by the Bolloré family. This stable majority control of its capital allows the Group to develop a long-term investment policy.
Thanks to a diversification strategy based on innovation and on international development, it now holds strong positions in all its activities around three business lines, Transportation and Logistics, Communication, Electricity Storage and Systems.

In addition, its activities, the Group manage several financial assets including plantations and financial investments.


In 2020 :

79 000 employees worlwide

Revenue :

24,109 million euros

Net income

1,650 million euros

Shareholder’s equity

25,984 million euros


About Bolloré Group

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The Bluebus 6 m

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The Bluebus 12 m

A bus combining innovations and technological solutions

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Our features / our technology

Bluebus has made a solid choice with LMP® batteries

The bluebus are equipped with "All-solid-state batteries", a unique technology produced by blue solutions, a bolloré group subsidiary.

The design of the LMP® technology developed by Blue Solutions is a world first: an entirely solid-state cell without any liquid components, no nickel or cobalt, and a lithium metal electrode - the most advanced and promising material in high-energy battery technologies. These batteries are adapted to the operating requirements of vehicles dedicated to urban and suburban transport.


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